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Our service agreement and policies are very transparent and free of any ambiguity which helps us provide vide range of services from Accounting, Tax Preparation to Business Analysis and Virtual CFO. In conclusion, as a small-business owner, mastering efficiency in tax and accounting is a continuous journey. By implementing these strategies, you can not only help streamline your financial processes but also potentially position your business for sustained growth and success.

  1. This is not just because they hate doing it themselves but mainly given how tedious and complicated the process is and need expertise and understanding of the latest tax regulations.
  2. You should consult with a licensed professional for advice concerning your specific situation.
  3. In conclusion, as a small-business owner, mastering efficiency in tax and accounting is a continuous journey.
  4. To outsource tax preparation, begin by identifying reputable tax outsourcing services that align with your firm’s needs.

This clearly indicates the massive market and opportunity that lies ahead of CPAs and accounting firms. From keeping track of the changing tax regulations and connecting with clients to assembling the necessary forms and heaves of paperwork, accountants are constantly on their toes. I could hire a dedicated part- or full-time person, or I could purchase a package of 50, 100, or 200 returns to be prepared. After brainstorming with our tax team, I chose the option that best matched our expectations – the package.

Corporate & business organization

Tax preparation can be demanding, and accounting firm owners must be well-versed with the prospect of always being pressed for time. Working long hours and wading through piles of files becomes your daily routine. Outsourced tax return preparation can help tackle this challenge, but only if you have a strategy to help you make the most out of it. Statistics pointed out that the U.S. government collected $4.05 trillion in revenue from taxes in 2021. Of which, a whopping $2.04 trillion was raised only from individual income taxes.

Global trade compliance & management

When you outsource to a company like QX, comprehensive data security measures will be ensured, and you will also have access to high-quality talent with excellent communication skills. Are you a CPA / EA looking for a service provider to help during the tax season? Did you know that QXAS’ outsourced tax preparation services have helped this CPA firm achieve $99,000 in cost savings? To achieve affordable scalability and tremendous cost savings, and save more than 50%, outsource tax preparation to QXAS. Tax preparation outsourcing can give CPA firms a massive advantage in staying ahead of their competitors.

Tax Planning Services

As a result, you’ll need a 7216 consent form signature from your clients before outsourcing their returns offshore. You can contact QX Accounting Services by filling up the form on this page, or just calling us, or sending in an email. Our managers will get in touch, discuss your tax preparation requirements in detail, and explain the process. You will also get a clear idea of the process by going through our migration process.

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to handle work that would otherwise be done internally. When outsourcing income tax preparation, your firm flexes the preparation work to an external tax professional, who sends back a fully prepared 1040 return. A good outsourcing service offers a smooth, standardized workflow that makes their preparers feel like an extension of your own staff. Every year, CPAs and accounting firms receive hundreds of tax returns to be prepared and filed before it is due.

We provide CPA Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services for the Following:

To understand how completely RSM outsourcing and co-sourcing can optimize your tax department, improving efficiency and saving money, download our new e-book. This is what drove us to take another look at outsourcing to an overseas provider. There was a shortage of people and we struggled to find the talent that matched our values.

You must know the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing tax preparation services to make an informed decision. Take time to do extensive research that implies everything from market study and competitor analysis to zero in on the right outsourcing provider for your CPA firm. Once you finalize your outsourced tax preparation service provider, the next step is to select the candidate from the list of profiles they share.

As expected, our cost of goods sold will start to decrease as the outsourced firm completes about 100 additional returns in the off season. While we have not calculated the full savings yet, we know there will be lower labor costs, even with having a project manager oversee all the tax returns that were outsourced. We understand the critical nature of deadlines in tax work, and our processes are designed to deliver your requirements promptly. Our commitment to precision and timeliness in tax return preparation has made us a trusted partner for numerous CPA firms and accounting businesses across the USA. There is a common misconception that 7216 consent causes friction with 1040 clients. SurePrep works with over 33,000 tax professionals and in our experience, this problem is almost non-existent.

You can also realize significant cost savings due to our competitive pricing, helping you boost profit margins. Secondly, sourcing allows you to meet workload demands during the busy season without adding staff that will sit idle during the slower months. Apart from service charges, we don’t have any other hidden charges like other service providers.

A business that clearly defines its outsourcing goals is already ahead of the game. Accounting firms should outline their outsourcing objectives step-by-step to zero in on a suitable staff model. Defining clear outsourcing goals is also an opportunity to take stock of your firm’s actual outsourcing requirements. Outsourcing strategies are plans that describe how an accounting firm partners with third parties to perform tasks. It can reduce expenses and increase productivity without compromising the quality of work. Such strategies consist of standards, procedures, and regulations that dictate factors like who you partner with and how much you pay them.

Before proceeding, verify the service provider’s credentials and security measures to protect sensitive information. Opting for a service like QX Accounting Services ensures you have a reliable partner adept at managing the intricacies of tax preparation outsourcing. This is one of the most important yet underestimated benefits of outsourcing tax preparation.

On receiving information, we first check the previous year’s return (if any) to re-confirm on completeness of the information and take note of carrying forward balances if any. Before entering the data into the tax preparation software, we analyze and double-check the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and other relevant data received from the client for 3C’s i.e. Correctness, Consistency & Completeness so that the what is a marginal tax rate apparent mismatch can be identified and corrected before commencing return preparation process. Lastly, we submit Tax Returns and Computation PDF files to clients for their review with our comments, observation, and queries. Upon receiving confirmation from the client, we make all required corrections, and then the return is filed. Yes, QX is equipped to manage both individual and business tax return outsourcing.

One of the strongest headwinds facing the consumer products industry is a challenging labor market; your internal tax department is no exception. Invest in co-sourcing or outsourcing your tax department to address labor shortages. Do your research, analyze your competitors, check out testimonials, and look for the above traits while shortlisting a reputed outsourcing partner for your CPA firm. Now that busy season has passed, I wonder if I should have chosen another option. Our US Tax team is proficient on all major tax software such as Intuit Pro-Series, CCH, Drake, Intuit Lacerte, Turbo Tax, ATX, Ultra Tax and many more.

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