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These can be equally important in evaluating media companies. But the media landscape is extremely complex and segmented, with competitors https://adprun.net/ in social media, news media, entertainment, business, and more. It can be used as a point of comparison among companies in a sector.

  1. That’s especially true for casual games – it’s the main monetization method for this genre because casual gamers are not big spenders.
  2. Just given some of the deal dynamics that didn’t necessarily benefit here in Q3 and what we are now assuming in Q4, I was just wondering if you could put a finer point on what that revenue impact was here in Q3?
  3. ARPU formula is to simply divide the total revenue of your business by the total number of customers you have in a given duration.
  4. Knowing your customer opens endless opportunities for your business.
  5. You can also try to conduct a cross-sell action where you offer additional relevant products or services to your customers or users.

Direct revenue was $837 million, up 3% in constant currency. Our direct customer base expanded for the second consecutive quarter, increasing to 38.9 million, up 330,000 customers sequentially, and adding 0.5 million customers year-over-year. Driving new customer acquisition remains a priority for us and is growing double-digits year-over-year. We are also making consistent headway in delivering added-value to our current customers as they expand their digital footprint. Yes, I would say, look, let’s look at the top level number. I think based on the performance that we delivered in Q3 versus what the midpoint of the guide, let’s just face into that.

Turning non-payers into payers

Now that we know what ARPU stands for, let’s dive into its definition. Average Revenue Per User is the total revenue your app generates averaged across all users. ARPU is not a GAAP metric but there is a generally accepted process for calculating.

Why Track ARPU?

I’ll conclude by saying that we have a great opportunity ahead and are very confident in achieving our long-term targets we laid out at our Investor Day. The threat landscape is more perilous than ever, and Gen’s trusted brands offer the best solutions to consumer to protect and empower their digital lives. We will continue to execute our strategy in a disciplined way to accelerate growth, drive further margin expansion and create long-term value for all stakeholders.

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And just on the topic of (inaudible), I know the main driver for you is to continue to deliver value through upsell and cross-sell. But if I’m — unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you’ve taken really any price over the last couple of years despite what has been record high inflation and some of your peers are raising prices. So I’m just curious how you’re thinking about perhaps taking more price for the value that you’re delivering going forward. ARPA/ARPU are not metrics that are recognized by accounting standards such as GAAP or IFRS. However, companies in relevant industries typically disclose the metric and devote a significant amount of time to discussing their ARPA/ARPU results. As mentioned, ARPU is a great way to benchmark your business against direct competitors and companies in similar verticals.

Don’t forget that ARPU gives you the insight to catapult your business forward by increasing MRR/ARR and extending your customer LTV. Your $45/month plan is your most popular plan, with 500 customers paying $45 in ARPU each month. You can look at the value that’s included in that plan to understand what makes this plan popular with customers. This starts with quantifying your customer personas and trickles down deeper into your SaaS metrics as time passes and the business grows.

The ARPU is useful for determining if the current monetization strategies are working as intended, which would be reflected by the ARPU trending upward over time as improvements are implemented. It turns out that the average new user has brought Facebook about $80 until now. This is the lower bound for LTV as most users continue to use the product regularly, and many of them came to Facebook not too long ago. But even this figure looks impressive for such a massive product. For an estimate of the number of new Facebook users over time, you can take the world’s population with Internet access outside of China.

Some examples of mobile apps that would calculate a monthly ARPU include media/streaming apps, food delivery apps, and ecommerce apps. However, apps where user activity is more sporadic, such as travel or rideshare apps, would likely benefit from calculating a quarterly or annual ARPU. You may now be asking, should I include my freemium users into this calculation? arppu formula Free tier users should definitely be included in the ARPU calculation as it helps monitor the sustainability of your freemium model. In other words, are your premium users bringing in enough revenue to cover expenses incurred from free users? If you narrow your calculation to include paid users only, some refer to this as ARPPU or Average Revenue Per Paying User.

LTV is calculated for the entire customer lifetime in the business while ARPU is calculated on a monthly or annual basis. Hence, it gives you a more realistic current scenario rather than LTV which is a long-term projection of your business. Customer churn breaks your company, and one needs to work much harder to get new customers. Customer churn is basically a drain of the company’s revenue and customers. Low customer churn ensures customers are around for longer- increased customer lifetime values and opportunities for the company. Figure out your foot in the door for your naturally-low ARPU customers in the SMB market.

According to the ARPU definition, it is nothing but the average revenue a user (or a customer) generates for your business in a specific timeframe. This is the most basic metric used by companies even before they start any other financial calculation. All their strategies and efforts are dependent on this particular metric.

That yields a figure that is significantly larger than ARPU. For example, in the case of a subscription game that has a free to play version, the ARPPU, measured by accounts, is the subscription price, diluted slightly by free trials. For example, if a business’s ARPU is low, it may need to consider changing its monetization strategy or increasing its prices. Conversely, if a business’s ARPU is high, it may be able to afford to invest more in marketing and user acquisition. One way to grow your ARPPU is to take users who are active and turn them into paying users. You could do this through incentives, such as special offers for first time purchases.

What time-frame should you use?

Excluding these items will give you an accurate and clear picture of the ARPU of the business. Like how every metric has a good zone, ARPU has one too. Though there is no universal average for ARPU, there are relative ideas of what is good. All this is made harder when you have multiple systems, each running specific tasks. Conversely, a unified billing & payments infrastructure – that covers subscription management, payments, and data analysis – allows for significant automation, flexibility, and speed.

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