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Once you’ve narrowed your list down to just a couple of options, it can help to schedule demos with these providers. During a demo, you can see how the software works and ask the sales team pertinent questions. For instance, can you run payroll as often as you want each month? Does the package come with a mobile app and an employee self-service portal? You should also evaluate how intuitive and easy it is to use the program.

And, less than 0.50% say that their payments are always late. This is good news for many workers, as a majority of Americans will find it difficult to meet their financial obligations if their next paycheck is delayed for a week. More than 28% say that they will find it very difficult to pay bills if they are paid late. As such, affordable payroll software is advantageous and necessary for companies to focus on recovery while ensuring their employees are paid correctly and on time. The list below explores solid options for growing businesses that need affordable payroll software.

Full Service Features

Also, it even comes with record-keeping functionalities so that it is easier for you to document your finances. Paybooks further simplifies the payroll process with its built-in compliance management tools. With this, you can easily calculate professional taxes, income taxes, ESI, and provident funds, according to the latest regulations. In addition, this platform integrates with a wide variety of popular business systems such as Zoho, QuickBooks, Oracle, and Securax.

Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as an HR specialist at several multinational companies. Homebase Payroll earned an overall score of 3.64 in our rubric. On top of that, even the most dedicated and loyal employees want a steady paycheck so you really can’t afford mistakes. Plus, the amount of time you need to dedicate to payroll is insane and that’s putting it lightly.

Our picks for best online payroll software

BambooHR is the best HR https://quick-bookkeeping.net/ for small businesses. When we were smaller, we used their HR features, but we’ve outgrown it since our team is now worldwide, and Gusto doesn’t support non-US team members. No matter if your team is in-person or remote, you can use these HR software to simplify your business operations. We’ve had many people ask us how we handle payroll and HR for our remote team, considering we have over 150+ team members spread worldwide.

Small businesses usually need a payroll software system with basic capabilities such as payroll processing, time tracking, and tax filing. Backed by an industry-leading payroll service provider — Paychex — SurePayroll is one of the best payroll platforms for small businesses. With SurePayroll, you will have the essential features to manage your company’s paychecks for full-time, part-time, salaried, hourly and/or contracted employees. The tool also offers support for paying federal and state payroll taxes on time. Most payroll service providers offer mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. These apps typically allow administrators to run payroll, review past payroll runs and pay payroll taxes.

The 8 Best Payroll Software of 2023

Paycor offers easy-to-use online payroll software that comes with a comprehensive employee self-service portal. This portal can be used to review compensation data and update personal or financial information. Employees can also use the portal to request paid time off, monitor their payments, review their benefits and access their pay stubs.


The integration process includes seamless data migration. By connecting Deluxe with the various business software you use to run your company, you can streamline operations, easily share data and better manage your organization. Rippling’s online payroll software has a user-friendly interface and requires little training for new users. The software works with hundreds of third-party applications to improve your payroll process, tax preparation and other business operations.

Gusto – Best for Paying Independent Contractors

How much do you owe to the state or on your FUTA taxes? With this report, you see your payroll tax liabilities for federal, state and local taxes. Basic Payroll software customers can use this report to handle their payroll tax obligations. We’re very small, so the biggest factor for us was the cost of payroll software. I didn’t want to pay for a big program that we didn’t need and I also do accounting, so Basic Payroll was the perfect fit for us. Overall, the price and the user-friendly website were the big factors for me.

They can visit the portal for their pay stubs, W2s, and more. Users who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge can easily use QuickBooks Payroll because of its user-friendly interface. There is no need for advanced accounting or bookkeeping skills to take advantage of the Core Payroll Plan’s cost-effective features. SurePayroll provides its customers with fast yet accurate tax calculations. However, in case of any untoward slip-ups or errors in filing, they guarantee to resolve the problem on your behalf, as well as pay the corresponding penalties. Among the biggest perks of using SurePayroll is its custom subscription plans.

With this, businesses can access multiple payroll information in one interface, manage accruals and benefits, store detailed personnel files, and more. Using the built-in tax planner, employees can see all of the deductions that are available to them and submit their tax declarations. Employees can better manage their taxes if they have access to information on how taxes are calculated after various deductions have been taken into account. Calculate federal tax withholdings, get automatic notifications when tax filing is due, and more.

Can I do my own payroll for my small business?

Yes, you can run your own small business payroll, but it is not always the best idea. Running payroll without services can save you a few hundred dollars today, but it could cost you in the long run. In order to save money, many small business owners do payroll manually rather than using payroll software or services.

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